1.Juuce Blonde Revivenz 150ml

Juuce Blonde Revivenz is a blonde leave in treatment coloured with violet pigment to cancel out unwanted yellow and gold tones. Reinforced with avocado, Blonde Revivenz repairs and seals ends with exclusive natural Australian botanicals to moisturise, d.frizz, shine and soften.

Suitable for all blonde hair types.


  • Restores
  • Tones
  • Reduces Gold
  • UV, Heat and frizz defence
  • Sulphate and paraben free
  • Vegan friendly

Apply to mid-lengths and ends of wet or dry hair.


Juuce Solar Enz 150ml

Juuce Solar Enz restores moisture and strength to coloured chemically damaged hair, improving elasticity and colour retention. Exclusive natural Australian botanicals combine to moisturise, smooth and d-frizz. Maximum colour defence is assured by protecting against sun, heat, chlorine and salt. Anti-heat + UV + humidity protection.

3.Juuce Smooth Enz 150ml

Juuce Smooth Enz is a leave-in treatment formulated to repair and seal split ends, with moisture smoothing botanical oils, to d-frizz, shine and soften. Protects, smooths and nourishes all damaged or stressed hair types. Anti-heat + UV + humidity + oxidation protection. 150ml