Clip in #2 Chocolate Brown  24/25″ 200 grams

Our 24/25 Inch 200 Grams Clip in Set comes with all clips attached and ready to wear
Included is:

8 Pieces

  • 1 x weft 8″ wide (4 clips on top)
  • 2 x wefts 6″ wide (3 clips on top)
  • 3 x wefts 4″ wide (2 clips on top)
  • 2 x wefts 1″ wide (1 clip on top)

(width of wefts can change without notice due to being hand made in factory)

Total weight: 200 grams

These 200 grams sets are perfect to thicken up your natural long hair, or add a little bit of thickness and length on fine short hair.

All our Clip in Hair Extensions are easy to apply and remove.

They are quick, no mess, very strong and secure.

Clip in human hair extensions can be washed and heat styled.